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Every day's a holiday:  

Not forgetting the man who taught us how to live   





There are many words that could be used to describe Jack Windle.  Tough.  Strong.  Intense.  Generous.  But, there is only one phrase that says it all: one of a kind.  There never has been anyone like him, and there never will be.  

He was a man of great stature, but his physical size did not compare to the size of his enormous heart.  Nor does it compare to the size of the gaping hole that is left in each of us since his "going on."                                    

We can't look him in the eye or shake his hand, but we can come here for a few moments to remember, to laugh, to cry, to do whatever, in front of our anonymous screens.

Here's to never forgetting the man who taught us how to live.  And here's to never letting another day go by without making it a holiday.

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